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Growing Use of AI in Making Web3 Games Hints at Accelerated Adoption of Blockchain — Cronos Labs MD
The use of NFTs when launching Web3 games as well as developers’ emergence as experts at community management are some of the promising trends in blockchain gaming that can accelerate mass adoption, Ken Timsit, MD at Cronos Labs, has said.
NFT Games Thrive on Steam Despite Public Ban
ust under 2 years ago, the Steam gaming empire made eyes roll and developers cry into their coffee when it banned NFTs from its platform. Despite their best efforts, however, that divisive strategy has not quite turned out as planned.
NFL tackles Web3 mobile gaming with NFL Rivals launch
The NFL, the NFL Players Association and Mythical Games have teamed up to officially launch NFL Rivals — the first NFL-licensed game to incorporate Web3 technology.
Free Zynga Oras NFTs Fetch $1M on OpenSea in 24 Hours
In a cutting-edge move, gaming titan Zynga — the masterminds behind Farmville and Words with Friends — launched 9,999 freebie Oras NFTs for its first-ever Web3 gaming venture, Sugartown, on September 13.
South Korea’s Crypto Ecosystem Shakes Off Terra Debacle, With Gaming Dominating Web3 Activity
Korean banks are gradually dipping their toes in the market, and gaming firms are trying to capitalize in the crypto-frenzied market.
Web3 Gamer: PUBG devs’ Web3 project, Animoca’s $20M raise, Shardbound review
The company behind PUBG announces a new Web3 platform, monetization in Web3 and more.
Spielworks to Uplift WAX NFT Gaming with Atomic Hub Acquisition
Spielworks has built a bridge between Web3 and traditional gaming. By integrating Atomic Hub into its extensive product lineup, the blockchain behemoth seeks to ensure the marketplace’s growth and enhance its associated offerings.
Ancient8 launches a Web3 gaming Layer 2 chain on Ethereum
This marks a significant milestone for Ancient8 as the Ancient8 Chain, a gaming-focused community-driven Ethereum Layer 2 built to onboard the next 100 million Web3 citizens is finally launched.
Opinion Piece: Crypto gaming needs to move beyond ‘just having collectibles,’ Argus Labs CEO says
Just presenting Web2 gameplay with collectible add-ons isn’t going to cut it, Sunarto says.
MixMarvel And Yeeha Games Announce Trailblazing Partnership At Exclusive TOKEN2049 Side Event
Possessing a mutual passion for delivering outstanding gaming experiences, this alliance aims to redefine the boundaries of decentralized gaming.

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