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What we're reading Integrates with Aethir’s Infrastructure for Enhanced Gaming Accessibility
"The partnership between Aethir and is a significant step in gaming. It brings together Aethir’s DCI technology and‘s innovation, enhancing game accessibility and experience.” Mark Rydon, CEO of Aethir
Binance Labs Thrives Amidst Market Challenges with 25 New Investments in 2023
Notable Web3 Gaming investments include: Xterio, GOMBLE & Sleepess AI
Gas Hero Attracts 10K Players, $90M NFT Trades in 1 Month
Featuring six distinct NFT collections, the game’s dynamic environment allows players to actively engage in trading items, such as characters and weapons, on the Polygon PoS platform.
OKX Wallet Now Integrated with Tap Fantasy for an Immersive Gaming Experience
This strategic integration provides OKX Wallet's web extension users with a unique gaming experience where they have the opportunity to earn crypto rewards as they progress in the game.
Immutable and Endless Clouds Partner to Bring Two Major Titles to Market in 2024
The partnership will bring Endless Clouds' highly anticipated titles Treeverse and Capsule Heroes to the Immutable zkEVM chain
One Week, Multiple Milestones by Axie Infinity’s Sky Mavis
The launch of ‘Apeiron NFT’ on Mavis Hub, the start of ‘Axie Infinity: Origins Season 7, a sneak peek into upcoming ‘Axie Infinity: Homeland‘, the integration of ‘RumbleKongs’, and the long-awaited ‘2024 Ronin Wallet Glow Up’.
Exploring The Future Of Crypto Gaming In 2024
Developers started to discern the current limitations of Web3, games started to slowly get better, and multiple gaming projects came up with realistic roadmaps.
Forget NFTs. Let’s go back to basics and make Web3 games fun first.
Without a fun game to play, adding in NFTs and Web3 to gameplay just doesn’t make sense
Gamer Arena aims to democratize competitive gaming with its “Challenge-and-Earn” model
This Web3 gaming platform utilizes AI to provide a personalized experience for players while encouraging user-generated content.
Oasys and Pacific Meta Partner To Transform Blockchain Gaming in Southeast Asia
The collaboration will bring Oasys’ games to Chinese-speaking markets in SEA. 

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