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Tailor your user experience using wallet-based value tiers, token ownership, bot detection and individual wallet characteristics to bash bots, improve engagement, boost monetization, and drive retention.

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Growth Stack

With Wallet Intelligence, fuel the growth of your ad tech stack with Wallet Identity and Wallet Targeting

Wallet Identity: Accurately map and verify wallet identities across diverse projects and blockchain platforms. This foundational layer ensures unified identity mapping, enabling the ability  to comprehend and engage users across fragmented Web3 platforms with unparalleled precision.

Wallet Targeting: Unlock the potential for targeted advertising and audience segmentation, empowering partners to refine and optimize their advertising strategies.


Personalize Project Experiences

Tailor app onboarding and reward structures based on user value tiers, token ownership, and individual wallet characteristics. Block bots from event participation and ensure fair gameplay.


Unlock Data-Driven Insights

Benchmark your project against competitors, delve into user personas, and segment your user base into value tiers.

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Dive into Web3's Most Powerful Dataset

  • Broad identifiers that classify wallets based on their attributes or value tiers, allowing web3 developers to gain insights into the type of user a wallet represents within a particular context. For instance, one of the metrics offered in this category is "isBot," which identifies whether a wallet is an automated entity or not.
  • Specific actions or tendencies exhibited by wallets. These labels focus on actions or behaviors rather than defining an entire persona. For instance, botBehaviors are actions that are typically exhibited by automated or scripted accounts (bots) like repetitive or scripted transactions. By analyzing these behaviors, developers can optimize engagement strategies and design targeted campaigns based on observed actions.
  • Monitors a wallet's behavior concerning specific dapps. These labels provide details on new interactions, consistent engagement, lapses in activity, or discontinuation of engagement over time. For instance, "churnedWallet" indicates wallets that have disengaged or stopped interacting with a particular dapp or the overall ecosystem. This information enables a deeper understanding of user lifecycle and engagement patterns, facilitating the optimization of user retention strategies and enhancing user experience.
  • Explore a wallet's transactions in blockchain projects like dapps and NFTs to gain insights into user behavior. Developers can examine specific transactions to understand user preferences and interactions at a personal level, enabling them to tailor personalized web3 experiences.
  • Shows a wallet's current holdings and interactions with dapps and NFT projects to help understand the wallet’s current value. By leveraging these metrics, developers can tailor experiences, strategize, and enhance engagement based on the wallet's holdings.
  • Scores are proprietary metrics with custom mixes of base ingredients that rank wallets on various factors like value or behavioral tendencies. "HODLerScore," for instance, reflects a wallet's tendency to hold onto assets for an extended period, contributing to the overall stability of their portfolio. Leveraging these scores, businesses can enhance user engagement and content delivery by tailoring strategies to individual behaviors and preferences.
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