March 08, 2024 - 2 min read

Web3 Personalization Unlocked

Introducing Wallet Intelligence: Powering the Next Wave of Gaming Innovation

Peter Jonas
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For over a decade, gaming has been revolutionized by empowering players to shape their experiences. Now, Web3 games are poised to ignite a new era of personalization with their most potent tool: Wallet Awareness. Thirdwave’s Wallet Intelligence is the key to unlocking this potential, providing real-time, in-depth insights into every wallet in the ecosystem. It encompasses a wide range of data categories, including Personal labels, Behavioral labels, Growth Accounting Labels, Transaction & Engagement metrics, Activity & Ownership Metrics, and Predictive Scores. This comprehensive tool is the driving force behind achieving deeper engagement, higher monetization, and improved player retention. Let's dive into how Wallet Intelligence can make a substantial impact in these key areas:

Enhance Player Engagement

Personalization drives player engagement. With Wallet Intelligence, game developers can create unique experiences for each player, utilizing insights from wallet-based personas and behaviors. This technology empowers developers to identify and remove bots, ensuring fair play and preserving game integrity. Additionally, it enables tailored onboarding experiences, adapting to individual player Scores like "Gamer" or "NFT Enthusiast," ensuring a more immersive and satisfying gaming experience for each user.

Monetize More Effectively

Monetizing effectively in web3 gaming hinges on understanding wallet attributes. Wallet Intelligence shines here, pinpointing players with high value, like those with notable "Whale" or "Hodler" scores. This insight allows developers to customize offers — whether it's pushing subscriptions, granting early content access, or crafting dynamic pricing based on wallet specifics such as total value, NFT collections, and gaming activities. By aligning offers with player profiles, developers can maximize revenue while providing experiences that resonate with their audience’s unique gaming journey.

Retain More Players

Wallet Intelligence elevates retention by providing comprehensive insights into player interactions within and beyond your game. This tool enables you to assess player value, guiding you in formulating effective retention strategies. Additionally, it allows for advanced monitoring of players' engagement in other games, their acquisition of new assets from competitors, and changes in their asset holdings. This gives you a proactive advantage, serving as an early warning system to identify potential retention risks and shifts in player behavior, allowing you to act before it's too late.

In summary, Wallet Intelligence is not just a data tool; it’s a catalyst for innovation in the gaming industry, empowering developers to create more engaging, profitable, and enduring games. Explore the possibilities in our detailed documentation and start for free at Join us in reshaping the future of Web3 gaming!



Thirdwave's CEO, Peter Jonas is an innovative veteran of the tech and gaming industries. His expertise drove Compass through its hyper-growth, expanding from a few offices in California to a profitable team of over 13k people in 150+ offices across the United States and generating billions in revenue. Prior to that, he launched the Games and Mobile Apps business at Facebook and helped grow it into a global multibillion-dollar business unit, as well as spearheading multiple emerging initiatives at Uber.

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