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We provide tools for Web3 Game Developers and Investors to analyze the Web3 Gaming ecosystem and build their growth strategy.

Thirdwave empowers builders by removing the barrier of fragmented data and inefficient acquisition. With Thirdwave’s Insights+, Wallet Intelligence, and Web3 Native Ads, Game Developers and Investors have the tools to analyze the ecosystem, understand player value, and enable them to develop well-informed acquisition and funding strategies.

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About Thirdwave

Founded in March of 2022, Thirdwave is built on a fully decentralized team environment. With a dynamic group of entrepreneurs, leaders, and talented individuals, Thirdwave is a trusted partner for Game Developers and Investors in the Web3 Industry. Our mission is to deliver key infrastructure and tools to enable projects to control their destiny. We connect people to the projects, games, and communities they love.

Our Products

Insights+ - Now Available!

An all-encompassing hub designed to equip game developers and investors with essential business insights. The platform includes crucial data on user growth, retention, and revenue, enabling builders to make informed decisions that drive success and growth for their business.

Wallet Intelligence - Coming Soon

Wallet intelligence is where developers can view detailed wallet behavior and attributes at the Dapp or even custom cohort level. Beyond that, our models distill historic and current player attributes to predict who is most valuable and what they’ll do next.

Web3 Native Ads - Coming Soon

Using Thirdwave’s advertising tools, developers can reliably acquire and retain high quality users. Advertisers use both wallet based targeting and native ad units, like our Personalized Rewards product, to drive high ROI campaigns.


  • Comprehend the ecosystem in order to know your relative performance
  • Understand the personas, holdings and onchain behaviors of your player, your competitors players, and those within the broader ecosystem
  • Build a data-backed growth strategy

Press Resources

Press Release: Sept 2022 GamesBeat Coverage

Media Kit HERE

Interview Opportunities

Peter Jonas, CEO and Matt Lorenzen, COO are available for interviews and expert insights on topics related to Web3 Gaming, The Future of Web, and business trends.

To schedule an interview or for further inquiries, please reach out to

Founder Bios & Headshots HERE

About Web3 Gaming

Web3 gaming leverages blockchain technology and decentralization to create transparent, player-centric experiences. Players have true ownership of in-game assets, can earn rewards, and participate in interconnected virtual worlds. It revolutionizes gaming by offering innovative mechanics and new earning opportunities.

Thirdwave Testimonials

“Insights+ in next level. It has massively influenced how we think about both paid and organic growth strategies." - Owen O’Donoghue, Co-Founder, InfiniGods

"Thirdwave is a critical tool in helping us to define our growth strategy. I can monitor and analyze the performance from all the major players in the industry." - Anil Das-Gupta, Co-Founder & CPO, First Light Games

"Thirdwave doesn't just inform our strategy; it catalyzes it. As we chart our growth trajectory, it proves to be not just valuable, but essential.” - Josh Spertell, VP of Product, Carbonated