October 12, 2023 - 2 min read

Thirdwave Joins Forces with Polygon’s Solution Provider Network

Peter Jonas
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We're thrilled to announce that Thirdwave is now an integral part of the Polygon Solution Provider Network. We strongly believe that forging partnerships with fellow industry providers is the most effective way for us to bolster support for web3 builders and solidifies our commitment to drive innovation and progress in the web3 ecosystem.

Polygon SPN is a pioneering platform that plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between builders and solution providers within the Polygon ecosystem. It's designed to streamline the process of connecting builders with the support and tools they need to innovate.

Thirdwave's Unified Growth Platform Meets Polygon SPN

As part of this partnership, Thirdwave has fully integrated Polygon’s on-chain data into our platform, creating a seamless experience for Polygon builders to leverage Thirdwave's powerful suite of tools. Our platform is specifically engineered to empower web3 builders with analytics, insights, and essential growth tools.

We're committed to empowering builders by removing the barrier of fragmented data and inefficient acquisition. With Thirdwave’s Insights+, Wallet Intelligence, and Web3 Native Ads, Game builders and Investors have the tools to analyze the ecosystem, understand player value, and enable them to develop well-informed acquisition and funding strategies.

A Collective Step Towards Web3 Advancement:

This partnership not only strengthens our commitment to empower builders but also positions us as key contributors to the advancement of the decentralized web. By working in tandem with Polygon SPN and our esteemed partners, we are collectively shaping an ecosystem that is not only accessible but also teeming with innovation.

To celebrate this partnership, we're excited to welcome builders to check out Thirdwave firsthand by visiting www.thirdwavelabs.com.



Thirdwave's CEO, Peter Jonas is an innovative veteran of the tech and gaming industries. His expertise drove Compass through its hyper-growth, expanding from a few offices in California to a profitable team of over 13k people in 150+ offices across the United States and generating billions in revenue. Prior to that, he launched the Games and Mobile Apps business at Facebook and helped grow it into a global multibillion-dollar business unit, as well as spearheading multiple emerging initiatives at Uber.

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