September 14, 2022 - 3 min read

Introducing Thirdwave: The first blockchain discovery engine

Today, we are excited to publicly introduce Thirdwave, a blockchain discovery engine, focused on providing business data and insights to enable gaming teams to better understand, find, and retain customers.

Peter Jonas
Matt Lorenzen

The blockchain environment we exist in – especially in the gaming world – has no window into the industry or customer insights that builders need. Therefore, we’ve designed and built a platform that provides web3 companies, projects, DAOs, and protocols with this information for the first time. Thirdwave exists at the intersection of community, social, and on-chain data, giving our partners a truly three-dimensional view of their customers and actionable insights – a first for the blockchain industry. 

Our team & focus on gaming 

Our founding team is composed of experts who have built and executed on many of the products that powered web2’s shift from desktop to mobile. Our co-founders partnered following  their experience leading the core team that launched and ran much of the games and mobile app strategy at Facebook together growing it into a global multibillion dollar business unit. 

Connected through this shared history, our team has joined together to build Thirdwave. We believe this wave of innovation represents one of the greatest opportunities in the history of gaming. Blockchain offers game developers and players shared ownership and as a result true alignment for the first time. Despite this incredible opportunity in front of the industry much of the infrastructure needed for developers to be successful has yet to be built. 

At Thirdwave we are creating key infrastructure and tools that will give game developers and web3 builders a deeper understanding of the market they compete in, a clearer view of the customers they care about, and a tangible way to attract and retain high value customers.

Over the next decade, we believe gaming will be the largest onramp for new people entering the blockchain space. Currently there are 3.2B+ gamers worldwide, a demographic almost 10x greater than the number of current global cryptocurrency owners. In order for blockchain gaming projects to be successful, someone must build the proper infrastructure and that’s where we come in. We are the only company in the space transforming raw data – including on-chain activity, customer data, social channel data, website analytics, industry benchmarks, and more – into insights that the businesses we work with need.

‍What's next and our first funding round

To make all of this a reality, we are proud to announce our first funding, a $7M seed round! Our round was led by Framework Ventures, a VC firm known for its early entry into blockchain gaming (GameFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi). We have also secured the support of  several other leading investors including Animoca Brands, Play Ventures, Shima Capital, Hustle Fund, and Oceans Ventures. 

Here’s what Michael Anderson, our partner and the co–founder at Framework, shared on why he invested, “Today’s web3 developers don’t have access to meaningful customer data insights, which in turn creates major inefficiencies in the building process” said Michael Anderson, co-founder of Framework Ventures. “With their past experience building and scaling data discovery engines for consumer giants like Facebook, we think Thirdwave is positioned to give web3 projects, especially in the gamefi space, the ability to truly understand their users.”

Our team will use this seed funding for building out key elements of our discovery engine. This includes scaling and data features, which will further shape the level of insights our customers have access to such as more sophisticated on-chain analytics, deep community and data web integrations, benchmarking tools, and project specific dashboards. We are also hiring across our team, and if our mission excites you please reach out to

Over the coming months, you can expect more updates from us as we do our part in accelerating the transition to the ownership economy. Thanks for joining us for the journey.



Thirdwave's CEO, Peter Jonas is an innovative veteran of the tech and gaming industries. His expertise drove Compass through its hyper-growth, expanding from a few offices in California to a profitable team of over 13k people in 150+ offices across the United States and generating billions in revenue. Prior to that, he launched the Games and Mobile Apps business at Facebook and helped grow it into a global multibillion-dollar business unit, as well as spearheading multiple emerging initiatives at Uber.

Matt Lorenzen

Matt Lorenzen is an experienced executive, startup advisor, and global team builder working in Silicon Valley. As a founding member of Facebook's Mobile App Install team, Matt played a key role in transitioning Facebook's business from desktop to mobile. Matt has been an active cryptocurrency investor, builder, and advisor since 2013.

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